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The Personal Odyssey of Sharon Douglas: A Professional Legacy of Compassion, Innovation, and Love

Sharon Douglas at Bowen Park
Sharon Douglas at Bowen Park, a heritage-listed park at O'Connell Terrace in Bowen Hills, Brisbane.

Sharon Douglas isn't just a woman of business; she's a person of empathy, an innovator who listens to her heart, a dutiful daughter nurturing her mother's entrepreneurial spirit, and a caring mother herself.

Her journey from her complicated upbringing in New Guinea to the founder of Angels in Aprons echoes her unwavering love for her family and her inherent desire to care for others.

Sharon's tale begins at her mother's fruit shop where her first entrepreneurial lessons were taken amongst the fragrance of fresh fruits, dairy-free smoothies, and homemade sandwiches. These humble beginnings crafted an emotional backdrop for the birth of a pioneering enterprise, one that had the warmth of a mother's love woven into its very fabric.

It wasn't an elaborate plan or a lofty business goal that propelled Sharon towards creating Angels In Aprons. It was a surge of emotion.

Frustration and empathy suffocated her when she was forced to deny a grieving mother's plea for help due to the confidentiality constraints at one of Brisbane's leading hospitals. This collision of her tender nature with the harsh bureaucratic reality sparked an intense anger, an emotion powerful enough to fuel her entrepreneurial leap.

Choosing compassion over conventional norms on a poignant Valentine's Day, Sharon launched Angels In Aprons. It was not merely a venture, but a rebellion against the rigidities of the system, a testament to the power of emotional intelligence, and a sanctum that prioritised care and connection above all else.

What started as a quest to provide solace to those in need swiftly transformed into a thriving enterprise when Sharon welcomed her first client, Pat, followed by a partnership with SunCare Community services. As Angels In Aprons blossomed, Sharon found herself caught in the thrilling adventure of entrepreneurship, learning on the fly, and adapting with each new rhythm.

Sharon's leadership style was as unique as her journey. In her own words, she didn't know it all. But her wisdom lay in her humility and the ability to surround herself with those who did.

Her emotional intelligence, tenacity, and adaptability were instrumental in the exponential growth of Angels In Aprons, making it a beacon in the aged care industry.

According to Sharon, “You need to have tenacity. And you need to have emotional intelligence. I think they're the two most important things to keep fighting for what you want.”

Her efforts were not only appreciated by her angels (the caregivers) and clients but also recognized by the wider industry. At an interagency meeting, Sharon discovered that her heartfelt commitment to quality care had resonated far and wide, solidifying Angels In Aprons' place in the industry.

Sharon Douglas's professional legacy is a beautiful tapestry of business acumen, emotional intelligence, and heartfelt compassion.

Through Angels In Aprons, she's showcasing the potential for a kinder, more empathetic approach in aged care. She, along with her team, continues to illuminate the path for a more humane approach in the aged care sector, one heart-touching story at a time.


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