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by SAM REGI, Founder
Sam on the road creating Talking Stories

Sam, somewhere on the road between Brisbane and Darwin.

Talking Stories is a service, currently based in Brisbane, dedicated to recording life stories and professional legacies through the art of multimedia storytelling. Founded by me, Sam Regi, our mission is to capture the narratives that shape our lives and leave behind a meaningful legacy.

We provide a personalised service that combines portrait photography with audio storytelling to capture the essence of our clients' lives. Through immersive interviews and beautifully crafted portraits, we assist individuals, families, organisations, and community groups in preserving their unique perspectives on the world.

At Talking Stories, we believe that everyone's story deserves to be heard, valued, and celebrated. That's why we're dedicated to doing feature stories on anyone who wants to share their journey.


Join us in preserving the stories that make us who we are.

Bill's legacy - his bonsai plants

Paws of a family member

We understand that our clients, individuals like you, are worldly and accomplished - entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and connoisseurs of life.

Contact Sheet of Bill and his Bonsai

Our Story - The Collective Stories that Shape Us

Growing up, I longed to hear stories about my parents and grandparents – tales from their days when they were my age, before I even came into the world. The glimpses I've had into their pasts, through small, fleeting snippets, only left me wanting more. I realise now that I never truly asked often enough, especially since becoming an adult; it felt like something out of my reach, a vast reservoir of untapped family history.

As a journalist and academic, I've had the privilege of conducting numerous in-depth interviews. Amid the flurry of deadlines and publication pressures, the majority of these interview recordings typically find their way into archives once the relevant soundbites are extracted for whatever purpose. However, I've often felt that these encounters contain narratives that extend far beyond their immediate journalistic utility.

It was this persistent "not knowing" of untold family stories, and the realisation that the professional interviews I conducted were more than mere soundbites – that ignited the vision for Talking Stories.

Our Mission - To Reshape the Concept of Legacy

We are on a mission to redefine what legacy means and how it's preserved. Instead of focusing solely on material contributions or the plaques in our names, we believe that legacy is about the stories that shape who we are – the triumphs, the challenges, the stories behind the plaques, and everything in between.

At Talking Stories, we empower individuals to take ownership of their stories and record them in their own voices. Our goal is to change the narrative around legacy, encouraging people to prioritise telling their own stories rather than having their legacy told by others. We want to shift the timeline, prompting individuals to start thinking about their legacy earlier in life and to revisit and document it as their narrative evolves.


Through our personalised service, we provide individuals, families, organisations, and community groups with the tools and support they need to preserve their life stories and professional legacies. By combining the art of portrait photography with the emotive power of audio storytelling, we capture our clients' lives with depth and authenticity.

Talking Stories Copyright

Coral Sea in a storm

Impact We Want to Have

We are starting small. To help 100 Australians and Australian communities to share their stories and professional legacies, providing the next generation with an opportunity to easily access and listen to more stories of those important to them.

Talking Stories is currently based in Brisbane, Australia, serving individuals and the communities of Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Our Team

Talking Stories is created by me - Sam Regi, and the few people who have helped me put this outfit together. I'm a freelance journalist and an academic at the University of Queensland, with a history of looking for and capturing unique stories in unique ways. Despite starting small, we intend to grow with the ultimate goal to help preserve legacies for all time.

Start Now

Don't wait for the perfect moment, the right time, or the ideal circumstances to begin preserving your stories. Too often, we delay, thinking we'll have more time in retirement or when life becomes less hectic. But time has a way of slipping through our fingers. Those conversations you've meant to have with the important people in your life, the stories you've been eager to capture from your community – they deserve to be documented now.


We sometimes find ourselves on the brink of asking those important questions but are held back by a sense of awkwardness or not knowing how to or the belief that there will always be another day.

At Talking Stories, we're here to bridge that gap. Our Story Session takes just 2-3 hours of your time, and our Narrative Session, where we delve even deeper, requires only 6-7 hours. Yet, the stories and legacies we can capture in these sessions are invaluable. So, whether you're just starting out in life or have a wealth of experiences to share, begin your journey now, and let us help you preserve the essence of your story.

Join Us in Sharing Your Story

So, We want to hear about your triumphs, milestones, cherished memories and the heart breaks that have shaped your life. Together, we will create a recording of moments that capture your legacy.

Talking Stories Copyright

Christine Schindler - journalist, filmmaker

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