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Elevating Your Voice into a Timeless Legacy

Indulge in storytelling that reshape how you remember, share, and celebrate your story and those of your community. Explore our diverse offerings and discover the perfect fit for your legacy.

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Fiona Hawthorne: Story Session

A chronicle of unwavering courage, resilience, and the creation of a unique community, Fiona's professional journey is an inspiring odyssey that reverberates in the hearts of those who aspire to make a difference in the world.

Fiona's narrative doesn't begin in the quiet hallways of healthcare institutions but in the bustling corridors of determination and personal transformation. Armed with a nurse's badge as her armor, she embarked on a path that carried her from the depths of grief to the heights of leadership. This introduction sets the stage for an enthralling Talking Stories Story Session that delves into the remarkable life story of Fiona Hawthorne.

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Your Story, Your Impact, Our Expertise

Ever felt the weight of untold stories, moments left unsaid, or a profound silence around the challenges that moulded your life story so far? You're not alone.


Many of our clients have conveyed that they rarely get asked about their full life stories, or worse, some of them perceive it as not important.


But here's the truth: our lives are an intricate mosaic of unique experiences, relationships, and lessons, all deserving to be preserved and celebrated.

That's where Talking Stories steps in.


We're not just a service; we're a solution to liberate your untold narratives. We create a space where stories are celebrated with uninterrupted conversations, shared questions and beautiful portraits.

Through our blend of in-depth audio interviews and artistic portrait photography, we ensure your personal and professional narratives take center stage.


Don't let your untold stories fade into the background. Embrace the transformative power of Talking Stories and let your legacy shine.

Start your Story

Let us help you kick-start the self-reflection process with our 2024 catalogue, featuring 10 thought-provoking questions crafted to ignite personal reflections on your life's narrative.

Also explore captivating articles and resources to enrich your experience and unlock the power of your story with Talking Stories.

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Your appearance may evolve, but your voice remains a timeless signature. We capture your voice, ensuring your narrative endures the test of time.

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