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Talking Stories Copyright

Breathing life into your memories


Perhaps you are seeking to document your own voice, or you are part of a storied community, or you wish to record an experience with someone important.

We are keen to capture your story.

Talking Stories Copyright
Talking Stories Copyright

Story Session for one or two voices.

Story Sessions: $1200

Merging the artistry of portrait photography with the allure of audio storytelling, this comprehensive session, lasting up to 3.5 hours, is wholly dedicated to capturing the essence of who you are and your enduring legacy. Here, your narratives and perspectives take center stage through immersive audio interviews, while we craft evocative portrait photographs.


Think of the Story Session as a fusion of ABC's 'Conversations' radio program, renowned for its profound exploration of extraordinary life narratives, and 'Anh's Brush With Fame,' the celebrated television series where Anh Do immortalizes notable figures through candid conversations and portraiture. During a Story Session, you step into the spotlight of this enriching dialogue.

What awaits you is a collection of professionally captured portrait photographs, each authentically portraying your unique essence. These powerful images are complemented by captivating audio recordings and a transcript of the interview. Furthermore, you'll receive select prints of your portraits and a beautifully written 300-word feature that encapsulates the essence of your life's journey.

Narrative Sessions: $2200

Indulge in a personalised package that unfolds across three collaboratively crafted 2.5-hour sessions, spread over three days. This unique experience empowers you to delve into the chapters of your life stories with profound depth.

The Narrative Session is a celebration of your life's journey, meticulously designed for those seeking a meaningful exploration of their legacy through stories and relationships. It transcends personal narrative, embracing connections with significant individuals and meaningful places that have shaped your existence. Each interview is tailored to capture the profound legacies within these cherished relationships.

In essence, it's akin to experiencing three Story Sessions, each spanning up to 2.5 hours, distributed over three days. You can invite up to three important individuals from your life to partake in enriching conversations and portrait sessions. Choose three distinct locations for each session, infusing a unique dimension into your narrative journey. The Narrative Session offers the same deliverables as the Story Session but in greater abundance, ensuring your legacy is comprehensively preserved.

Talking Stories Copyright

Narratrive Session for many voices and many stories.

Collective Chronicles: Get in Touch

Our Collective Chronicles package offers a bespoke storytelling experience that caters to both individual and group needs. For individuals, it can be a comprehensive documentary or an artistic narrative audio profile, enriched with stylish sound design and mastering. Alternatively, clients can opt for a video documentary of their life.

For groups, clubs, or organisations, Collective Chronicles is a valuable addition to their legacy, offering a means to capture and share client, member or team stories and digitise narrative treasures. Our all-encompassing solution empowers clients to forge enduring connections and share their remarkable stories with the world.

Drawing upon our expertise in documentary creation and curation, whether through physical exhibitions or virtual showcases, we tailor Collective Chronicles to encapsulate the essence of each client's unique identity.

Talking Stories Copyright

Collective Chronicles for groups and communities.

The Legacy Box

For an additional $60, you have the option to include the Legacy Box along with our service. We find the concept of the Legacy Box quite appealing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it offers a tangible home for the content from your session, adding a physical dimension to your experience. Secondly, we envision this box as a place where your stories can reside and grow over time. It's a small investment with the potential to become a repository of stories.

The Legacy Box, best enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee

Our 3 Step Process

Imagine the warmth of gathering around a dinner table, surrounded by those important to you, as the echoes of heartfelt conversations fill the air. In these cherished moments, time stands still, and the power of storytelling becomes a gateway to reliving treasured memories.

Embarking on the journey of preserving your life's narratives with Talking Stories is a seamless and enriching experience, divided into three thoughtfully designed steps. This process ensures that your story—the highlights and the nuances of your life—is captured with the care, respect, and attention it deserves. From the initial discovery to the final session, each step is an integral part of a journey tailored to celebrate and immortalize your unique story.

Step 1:

After you have purchased one of our sessions,we'll schedule a discovery call - a 30-minute conversation where we delve into the heart of your narrative. Our aim during this call is to understand the essence of your story, setting the foundation for a storytelling journey tailored specifically to you. Our team will guide you through our package options, ensuring that your experience is personalized and deeply reflective of the richness of your narrative.


Brunswick River, NSW.

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